High-Octane Fashion Dr. Driving

Burn the Streets in High-Octane Fashion in Dr. Driving


Do you enjoy all kinds of driving challenges? Want to put your car handling and game control skills to the test? If you think you are the king of the road, here’s a game that will assess your dexterity. Burn tires and put your game face on in the high-octane racing game Dr. Driving.

In this adrenaline-pumping game, you get all types of challenges that race car drivers face regularly. From running the ideal speed during races to maintaining fuel efficiency, this game has it all. It’s not just beating the other drivers to the finish line but also keeping other vital stats in check.


Dr. Driving Game Features

If driving offers a sweet escape for you, you will love Dr. Driving. This fantastic game offers the most stunning graphics and cool cars that you can drive neatly. It features awesome missions that pay in sweet, sweet gold when you complete them.

Dr. Driving starts with a good tutorial phase, allowing you to learn the basics of the game. Once you are ready, you can break into the online multiplayer challenges. Win your races, grab the trophies, and set out to be the best and on top of the leaderboard.

The more driving challenges you complete, the higher your driver level goes up. And as you get better and better, you get access to more awesome cars. You can say good-bye to that tin-can van that you started the game with and hello to fancy supercars.


Driving Missions in Dr. Driving

This awesome car racing game offers a variety of driving missions that are all equally fun and exciting. Wondering what they are? Let’s go over some of them.

In VIP Escort, it’s not about recklessly swerving in and out of the lanes. Here, you need to focus on safe and normal driving, including smooth parking. So concentrate on defensive driving, changing lanes safely, and not sliding around each turn.

Speed Parking is all about getting to the right parking spot the fastest way possible. However, speed is just one-half of the equation. It’s all about getting into the tight spaces without the snag.

Here’s another speed challenge. In Speed Missions, you need to cross the finish line in the shortest time possible. You can forget about following the traffic regulations and throw driving safety out the window.

And just like the Speed Mission, just reach the checkered flag as quickly as possible in the Highway Speed Mode. The only difference between the two missions is that there are no turns in the latter. You just have to avoid the other cars on the high-speed highway.

Fuel efficiency is the name of the game for this mission. Your objective is to save gas as much as possible. Get to the finish line without stalling because you ran out of fuel.

Lastly, in Drift Missions, you need to perform a high-scoring drift. Fill up the drift meter by sliding your car sideways in the coolest way possible. This is perhaps the most difficult game mode.

Get into the awesome car handling challenges in Dr. Driving.