Traffic Racer Endless Racing

Can You Handle the Endless Racing Pressure in Traffic Racer?


So you love car racing games and just can’t get enough of them. But like most racing games, they usually end the moment you reach the finish line. Don’t you just want to get more racing action? With Traffic Racer, there is no finish line.

From the game studio, Soner Kara comes an exciting endless arcade racing game that just won’t let up. Its relentless challenges will have you driving through traffic like a mad man. Dodge the obstacles and swerve to avoid the other cars. This thrilling game will test your hand-eye coordination and game control skills.

Wondering what can you expect from this amazing racing game? Traffic Racer features stunning 3D graphics as well as a cool selection of cars that you can use. Plus, the car handling is realistic yet smooth.

You can drive through five detailed environments; choose between city night driving or cruising through the desert. Speed through the suburbs or blaze the streets during snow or rain. Take note there are over 15 models for traffic that apply in the game.

In addition to endless racing, Traffic Racer also features four other game modes. These are two-way, time trial, free ride, and police chase; you really have to try the police chase challenges. And if you want to customize the look of your car, there are paint and wheel options available.


traffic racer game play


Other Features in Traffic Racer

Released on iOS and Android, Traffic Racer has simple, straightforward gameplay with pleasing graphics and sounds. The game also gives you the option to explore other maps, which offer different challenges and aesthetics. And to keep things interesting, you can pursue different game modes that give you a unique experience.

This fantastic game offers updates often. From time to time, you will receive new cars, locations, and engine sounds. The quality of the graphics improves with each new location update. And as for the new car updates, you can enjoy optimized handling.

To play the game, you have two options to steer: you can tilt your device or touch the controls. There are two additional buttons to accelerate or to slow down.

The more daredevil you are in your driving, the higher the score. You get more points when you go faster. There are extra cash and points up for grabs if you drive in the opposite direction.


Why You Should Get Traffic Racer

If you enjoy fast-paced car racing challenges with spectacular cars to drive, this game is for you. Get to the task of outrunning everyone on the road. The more dangerous you drive, the higher the score. Plus, you can make it more interesting when you can police cars chasing your tail.

Traffic Racer offers amazing realism in its car handling. Plus, the automotive sounds will make you feel like you are sitting on a road machine for real. This fantastic game mimics the look, sound, and feel of a real car racing adventure.

Get into the road-racing craze. Jump into the realism of car handling, graphics, and gameplay in Traffic Racer.